2017-2018 NHS Officers Voting Process

Attention to all juniors. The process of voting for officers is going to be held in March. Here is a list of the officer positions and their responsibilities. There will be a junior only meeting on March 3rd for candidates to give a small speech. If you are interested in running for a position or have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Baehr.


  • Attend all meetings

  • Lead meetings

  • Send Reminds / Group me / Emails about meeting

  • Organize / Lead Officer meetings prior to group meetings

Vice President

  • Create Agenda

  • Oversee website management

  • Photograph Events / Maintain Photos on website

  • Create / Communicate announcements for events


  • Meeting attendance

  • Take notes at all meetings

  • Post / send meeting recap notes to non-attendees

  • Record meeting times / days

  • Record events on website (i.e., activities, trips, volunteer, etc)

  • Maintain Blog page weekly / bi-weekly

  • Maintain the About page on the website


  • Maintain Volunteer opportunities page on website

  • Research Volunteer Budget

  • Fundraising / Volunteer Survey (each year)

  • Maintain Donation Page / Information

  • Update & maintain Chapter History on Website (i.e., ceremony program, # of inductees, advisor, etc)

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